A DJT Audition: What to Expect

Auditions can be daunting, but they don’t have to be! Auditions at Junior Theatre are specially designed to be a fun and easy experience. But maybe you’ve never been to an audition at Junior Theatre and want to find out what makes them so special? Read on to find out exactly what happens in an audition at our very own Nighswander Theatre!

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First things first...

When you first walk in the door, you’ll be greeted by a friendly member of the Junior Theatre staff. Then you’ll be given some paperwork to fill out with basic information, such as your name, age, and contact information. This part is easy (and we’ll confess, a little boring); so use this time to take a breath and relax!

You'll also have an opportunity to state your interest in other Junior Theatre opportunities, such as being considered to be a member of the Crew, the House team, an Assistant Stage Manager, or even Showtime Pal! Regardless of your choices, you will always be considered for an acting part first.


Say cheese!

After you’ve completed the paperwork, someone will take a picture of you with your audition number. Show off those pearly whites! The picture is used in case the director needs to remember your smiling face during casting.

Showtime Pal Tip! Remember: Your audition begins the minute you walk in. The person taking your picture could be the stage manager or even the director!

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Get your sweat on...

Once everyone is finished with paperwork and the audition has begun, the director(s) and stagemanager(s) will take a moment to introduce themselves. Then it’s up on the stage for some warmups! This gives you an opportunity to shake off any anxiousness and become accustomed to the lights on the stage.

After a few group vocal and physical warmups, you’ll be given a chance to use your voice in the space. You’ll walk on stage and introduce yourself by saying “Hi, I’m Showtime Pal!”, and then walk off stage. Easy peasy!

Then take a breath!

After this final warmup, you’ll be given a few minutes to compose yourself before the auditions begin. You can use this time to run through your monologue, get a drink of water, or just relax!

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Go time!

Once the auditions begin, everyone will be seated in the house of the theatre. Listen carefully, because the Stage Manager will call the name of the person “Up Next” as well as “On Deck.” If you’re called On Deck, that means you’ll be backstage waiting to go on. Wait to hear the Stage Manager call “Next!” - then you’ll walk on stage, introduce yourself, and begin your monologue.

After you’ve finished your monologue, wait a few moments for instruction, as one of the casting directors may ask you to try doing it with special direction. You might be asked to do it as knight in shining armor… or a goose! It’s all for fun and the director wants to see if you’re brave enough to take direction even if it means being silly!

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You did it!

Once the directors are finished, be sure to thank them, and exit stage left! Take a breath, pat yourself on the back, and then you can return to your seat and watch the rest of the auditions. After everyone has completed their auditions, you’ll be dismissed and then you can find out the audition results once they’re posted on the website. This usually happens a few days after the last audition day, but you’ll be given an official date at the audition.

That’s a wrap! For insight on how to ace your audition, check out our blog post on “Auditions – 5 tips to rock it!”

Shaun Garrity