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Davenport Junior Theatre (DJT) is America’s second-oldest children’s theatre. We strive to give kids the tools to speak clearly, confidently, and creatively.

Classroom Environment

The classroom is for enrolled students only. Children participate to their fullest when it is only their fellow students in the classroom. Parents are not allowed in studio unless invited by staff and for the first 5 minutes of class during Week 1.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up: An important routine, read carefully

All classes begin in our lobby in Cottage 15. Instructors take the students to and from studio. Students may sign themselves in for class. We require a parent or guardian to come in and sign the children out for pick-up. Once a child is signed in for class, they must remain in Cottage 15 lobby. Our lobby is always staffed. Please do not try to pick up your child from their line outside as they walk to the office. All students must enter the office first with their class. Further, refrain from signing your child IN and OUT at the same time, unless you are not leaving the main office area for the duration of the class.

Communication: Many important tools

We will be sending handouts home with your child throughout the session. Please read them carefully. If you need extra copies for additional family members, please ask the front desk. If you need to speak with your student’s instructor, they are usually available immediately prior to and after class. Also, be on the lookout for email communication throughout the session. Any questions or concerns can be sent to theatre coordinator Steph DeLacy by e-mail here, or 563-888-2226.

Absence Policy: A true team effort

Any student missing more than two classes may not perform in showcase. As each child will have a special role, it is vital they are at class to rehearse so all the students can succeed and build confidence.

Running late or sick? We’ve been there!

If your child is sick or you know you are going to be late, please contact us in advance. Some things are unforeseeable. We understand. Children that have not been picked up within 5 minutes of class end, will have their parents contacted.


All classes will run on Monday holidays and Halloween. In summer, we will not have classes from July 1-5, 2019.

Weather & Cancellations

DJT will cancel classes due to extreme weather or emergencies. We post notifications on the main page of our website and on our voice message system, 563-326-7862. Please use your discretion and stay safe. Cancelled classes due to weather or act of God cannot be rescheduled.

Showcase Schedule

All DJT classes conclude with a special performance for family and friends. The performance is free. Information on the exact time of the showcase will be found in handouts during week #3 of the classs session. It will also be posted in the Parent Info section of the theatre page. Specific showcase dates and times found at this link

Memorization: Grown-up help is the key

All students will be required to memorize to some extent. Please be sure to stay involved with your student at home and assist them in practicing their lines. Your support will help them succeed! We will provide them a handout on how you can assist. Keep it fun and energetic. If they worry too much it will be harder to memorize.

Special Accommodations - We want your child to succeed to his or her fullest

Please let our Front Desk or Instructors know if your child requires any special accommodations. Also, if you have any developmental or intellectual concerns for which you could help us with strategies, we will gladly accept that input.

Classroom Safety

We provide a safe, bully-free classroom environment. If a child is engaged in inappropriate behavior, we work with parents to solve it. Physical aggression will not be tolerated in class.

Wi-Fi Etiquette- 'Park-Rec' is our public network

We do offer free Wi-Fi access to our guests. Please note that while on Wi-Fi you may not engage in any illegal activities or pirated downloads. We also ask that you silence your electronic devices when in the main office. Thanks.

Mainstage Acting Company

We perform three to four major productions a year. For these shows, we hire local professional directors and designers to work alongside the students. Students must audition to participate in shows. Follow this link to learn more.

DJT Online

Our most up-to-date information is found here on our website. Join our e-newsletter to keep up with all our programs. Take a peek at our facebook page for photos and more. And don't miss our awesome photo library, which spans our 65-year history!

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Financial Assistance and Scholarships

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