What's in Store: Season 67!

As we enter our 67th Season of Theatre "for kids by kids," let's take a closer look at what to expect on the Mainstage this year!

Charlotte’s Web

DJT Archives | Charlotte, Season 43: 1994

DJT Archives | Charlotte, Season 43: 1994

Adapted by Joseph Robinette; Based on the book by E.B. White

Saturday, October 13 & 20 @ 1:00pm & 4:00pm / Sunday, October 14 & 21 @ 1:00pm & 4:00pm

The Children's Literature Association named this "the best American children's book of the past two hundred years," so why not make it an amazing stage play?!

All the enchanting characters are here: Wilbur, the irresistible young pig who desperately wants to avoid the butcher; Fern, a girl who understands what animals say to one another; Templeton, the gluttonous rat who can occasionally be talked into a good deed; the Zuckerman family; the Arables; and, most of all, the extraordinary spider, Charlotte, who proves to be “a true friend and a good writer.”

Determined to save Wilbur, Charlotte begins her campaign with the "miracle" of her web in which she writes, "Some pig." And Wilbur sure is “some pig” indeed.

This is a beautiful, knowing play about friendship, compassion and caring for others that will delight kids and adults alike. 

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Aesop’s Falables (A Rock Musical!)

DJT Archives | Aesop's Falables, Season 57: 2009

DJT Archives | Aesop's Falables, Season 57: 2009

Book by Ed Graczyk; Music by Shirley Hansen; Lyrics by Marty Connie & Ed Graczyk

Saturday, February 16 & 23 @ 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM / Sunday, February 17 & 24 @ 1:00pm & 4:00pm

This show is a hilarious musical theatre version of Aesop’s Fables with a rock and roll beat.

Loosely based on a collection of infamous fables, this is a "laugh-in"-type revue. Taking its more-or-less plot from Sir Wilfred Wolf, who claims he has been wrongfully typed by Aesop as the bad guy, the play undertakes to overturn other fables. 

Aesop's Falables draws new morals from other fables, somewhat different from the old familiar ones. The play includes scenes of crazy fun as everybody does the "Rock, rock with old Aesop."

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James & the Giant Peach

(Photo credit Dallas Children’s Theatre)

(Photo credit Dallas Children’s Theatre)

From the book by Roald Dahl; Damatized by Richard R. George

Saturday, April 27 & May 4 @ 1:00pm & 4:00pm / Sunday, April 28 & May 5 @ 1:00pm & 4:00pm

A magical peach! An imprisoned boy! Insect friends! An incredible journey! This amazing adventure of James Henry Trotter will fulfill the fantasy of anyone who has ever dreamed of escape.

Roald Dahl's story comes hilariously to life in this delightful dramatization that reveals the wickedness of some, the goodness of others, and the indecision encountered by many when they are faced with crises.

You will see James (as he cleverly gets the Peach out of danger), the wise Old-Green-Grasshopper and the pessimistic Earthworm.

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Season 67 is sure to be a blast - so don't miss out!

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