The bulk of our hiring opportunities occur in late June & early July when we seek applications for our classes and mainstage programs.  Please be sure to check in for future opportunities. 

We are currently seeking dance instructors who can teach the following: Hip Hop, Tap/Jazz.

DJT Part Time Positions  
w/ City of Davenport-Parks & Recreation

Dance Instructor


Job Opportunities Overview
City of Davenport-Parks & Recreation

Due to continued success in our programs, Davenport Junior Theatre is proud to be hiring for Dance Instructors, Theatre Instructors, Program Aides and a Front Desk Clerk position.

We are seeking talented individuals who are passionate about using the arts to develop kids’ clarity, confidence and creativity. Our goal is to empower kids to lead a lifetime of success. Skills learned in the arts are applicable to everything in life. 

To accomplish this mission, we seek the area’s best, most dedicated workers & artists to serve kids. We hope you consider applying.

All positions are part-time with the City of Davenport, Parks and Recreation Department. Pay is bi-weekly and all positions access the IPERS retirement program as jobs are deemed in the public sector.


Pay starting at $18.00

Deadline to apply, Saturday, August 18.

Our dance program focuses on instilling a positive outlook of self, poise, healthy body image, confidence and a love of dance. Our goal is to engage & empower every child, while teaching them to express. We offer support to each instructor so they have more time to focus on their students and helping them succeed.

We are currently seeking dancers skilled in teaching Hip-Hop, Tap and/or Jazz classes.  Seeking candidates who would be willing to work with ages 5-18 and whom are at variety of skill levels.

To learn more about our classes and what we have to offer, checkout our class listings at this link.

Classes generally fall between 3:30-8:30, Monday – Thursday; 9:00 – 1:00, Saturday. Some Thursday daytime classes may be available. Additional opportunities outside of classes may be available.

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Specifically seeking a tap/jazz instructor and a Hip-Hop instructor:

Tap/Jazz – Ages 7 – 18

Tuesdays: 4:00-8:25pm

·         Tap/Jazz 1 at 4:10-5:10pm

·         Tap/Jazz 2 at 5:20-6:35pm

·         Tap/Jazz 3 at 6:45-8:15pm

Hip Hop – ages 5-18

Thursdays: 4:05-7:55pm

·         Beg 5-6 at 4:15-5:00pm

·         Beg 7+ at 5:20-6:20pm

·         Intermediate at 6:30-7:45pm

We offer three sessions:

Fall Session (12-Week Session) : September 8 – December 9 (approximately), ends in stage sharing

Winter Session (15-Week Session) : January 12 – May 11 (approximately), ends in Recital

Summer Session (6-Week Session) : June 17 – Aug 1 (approximately), ends with in class sharing

Dance instructor positions are part-time, year round. Positions typically consist of teaching one or two nights per week, 2 – 4 classes. Positions do not typically hold working hours during non-programming weeks, with the exception of team training. Class scheduling is done each session to try and work with instructors individual and changing personal schedules. We know many of the best instructors lead busy lives and we want to work with your schedule as much as we can.

For more details and to apply, follow this link.

Applications dues by Saturday, August 18.