Auditions - 5 tips to rock it!

So, you have an audition coming up? Don’t fret. If you stick with these 5 tips, you are sure to leave your audition feeling confident that you’ve done your absolute best.

DJT’s production of  The Jungle Book  in May 2013.

DJT’s production of The Jungle Book in May 2013.

1.      Find the Perfect Monologue

Finding the right audition piece can be difficult. There’s really no easy or quick way to do it. Oftentimes hours can be spent combing through scripts and on websites, but it’s all worth it. The perfect monologue for you is out there.  At DJT, they can be anywhere from 15-60 seconds.  So remember, you may need to cut some lines out. Once you find it, your monologue will show off your acting range, your ability to dive deep into a character, and how easily you can connect with an audience. (You’re so talented!) Keep searching, you can do it!  And remember, for a DJT audition, the main point is to have something that YOU are excited to perform.  You can do anything from a play, favorite book, nursery rhymes, poetry and more!  Remember though, you are auditioning for a fun kids show.  You want to make sure you stay away from dark and depressing material.  Be fun, have fun!

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2.      Practice, Practice, Practice.

From the moment you held your very first script in your hands, you’ve been told to practice. Now’s the time to (REALLY) start following that advice! Practice while standing, practice while sitting, practice while walking, practice alone, practice in front of a mirror, practice in the shower. When you’re comfortable, perform it for your cat, your brother, or your Uncle Steve who used to do theatre in high school. Basically: get out there and read that monologue aloud!  Many people will try to give you advice.  That’s fine.  But remember, it is YOUR monologue and you need to do it the way you want. You cannot just practice in your head.  Your body and mind are one and you need to be practice in all types of situations.  Have fun with it!

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3.      Be Bold!

Talented actors are not afraid to take risks. Dive deeper into your characters than you ever have before! Use this audition to show the director that you are able to make strong choices like you never have before.  Surprise yourself! (Yes you can!)  At DJT, our directors will work with you on your monologue.  They may ask you to do it a second time as… “a little mouse who ate too much cotton candy.”  Why?  They want to see if you can still do your memorized monologue in a fun, creative way.  So make those bold choices and have fun.

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4.      Be Brave!

Auditions never seem to get easier, but they are bearable if you remember that you’ve already put so much work into your monologue. (You know your stuff!) If that still doesn’t help, fake it ‘til you make it! Smile, stand tall, look forward and not down, plant yourself for your introduction, take a deep breath. You can do this. And at DJT if you make a mistake and you need to start again, go ahead!  Take a deep breath.  Be brave.  You can do it!

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5.      Have fun!

The audience can’t have fun unless you’re enjoying yourself, so go ahead! Have a blast! Smile the entire time (if your monologue calls for it). Theatre is your passion!  Smile when you introduce yourself. “Hi! My name is Brooke and I will be doing a monologue from Mia the Melodramatic.”  Don’t know the name of your monologue, no biggie!  Just say you found it in a book or off the internet. Show the world how much fun you’re having and smile through it all.  The world will have fun too! And ultimately, sometimes casting comes down to if you are tall enough, girl or a boy, or if you are the right age.  Remember, some things are just out of your control. 


In conclusion... 

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Auditions don’t have to be stressful; you are in control of how you feel. So, take a deep breath, smile and follow these tips. Success is different for everyone. For some, it’s completing an audition, and for others it’s landing the lead. No matter how you define success, just know that we applaud you for putting yourself out there!  There is no failing if you’ve worked hard and done your best.  

Auditions at DJT are like workshops.  We’ll be playing games, having fun, and practicing audition basics before you ever even have to worry about performing that monologue!

 And remember, DJT offers a wide array of classes for you to keep learning.  So keep learning!  You can always improve and be even more ready for your next audition.

Auditions for our productions of Aesop’s Falables (A Rock Musical) and James & the Giant Peach. Will be held in December. Auditions will be announced October 15, 2018. For details, click this link.

Daniel Sheridan