We are excited to have you here!

Welcome to DJT Dance, a program geared towards the development and bettering of your child’s personal growth! We look forward to your participation in our program, giving your child the tools to engage and express with the world around them! We believe dance is and should be fun!

Classroom Environment

he classroom is for enrolled students only. Children participate to their fullest when it is only their fellow students in the classroom. There are designated times throughout the session where parents and families will be invited into the studio space.

Late/Absence Policy - A true team effort

Students are allowed 2 absences in a session. A dancer’s presence in class is important for their learning and the learning of others. If you know you are going to be late or absent, please contact us in advance at 563-888-3431.

Sick or Running late? - We've been there!

If your child is sick or you are running late please contact us at 563-888-3431 to let us know! This helps us to plan for the group. If no answer, please leave a message!

Weather Cancellations

We will cancel classes due to extreme weather or emergencies. We post notifications on the homepage of our website and on our voice message system, (563) 326-7862. Please us your discretion and stay safe. Classes cancelled by weather will not be rescheduled. You can sign up for our text alerts as well here.

Costume Fees

There will be no costume fee for the Summer and Fall sessions. Students wear their classroom attire for final sharing. The Winter/Spring session is our recital session. For that session there will be a $45.00 costume fee per class and you can pay here.


We will be sending handouts home with your child throughout the course. These handouts will discuss any change in classroom policies and will provide updates on information regarding the class or upcoming special events. Please read them carefully. We will also send emails and update our parent info section.

We Want To Help Your Child Succeed!

Please let our Dance Coordinator or Desk Team know if your child has any intellectual, developmental, or medical concerns. We use the info you share to structure our classes so all students are successful, safe, and having fun!

Holidays/Thanksgiving Break

All classes will run on Monday holidays. There will be no classes during the week of November 19th-25th.

Class Presentations

All DJT Fall Dance and Tumbling classes will conclude with an on stage class presentation. Students will perform skills learned thorughout the session. Students will wear their regular dance attire for thier presentation. Clases will perform during one presentation on December 7th OR December 8th. There are not tickets for the performances but seating will be limited. Bring your camera! View the Presentation Schedule here!

Lobby Etiquette

Please be mindful of those around you and the classes that are going on while you wait in our lobby. Please help our dancers focus in class by keeping noise low in the lobby. We ask that you silence your devices while in use. Feel free to use our upper theatre lobby to take phone calls. Please keep conversations appropriate to kids and families.

Wi-Fi Etiquette - PARK-REC Is Our Network

We do offer free wi-fi access for our guests. Please note that on our Wi-Fi you may not engage in any illegal activities or pirated downloads. Thank you.

Potty Accidents

All students must be potty trained. if a student were to have an accident in class our staff is prepare to assist them. We have extra underwear and clothing for them to change. If you feel more comfortable changing your child yourself let our desk stff know and we will inform the instructor. If so, we ask a parent is present at all times incase your child were to need your assistance.

Classroom Safety

We provide a safe, bully-free classroom environment. If a child is engaged in inappropriate behavior, we work with parents to solve it. Physical aggression will not be tolerated in class.

Dance Attire

Click here to view information about dance attire and where to buy it locally, as well as online.

Shoe & Leotard Exchange Program

Here at DJT Dance, we take the effort to make classes accessible and affordable for all parents and students. That's why we have a shoe and (newly added) leotard exchange program!

How it works:

We accept lightly worn dance shoes and leotards as a donation when students outgrow them. Students who donate their shoes/leotard will have an opportunity to trade in for another size (if available).



Contact Jenny Hampton, Dance Coordinator at (563) 888-3431 or JHampton@ci.davenport.ia.us


Want Text Reminders?


Text @SumDance18 to 81010.


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