Other Student Opportunities for Mainstage Show

To be considered for other opportunities, interested students should attend audition times.  They can fill out form and paperwork to apply to be part of teams. Follow this link and read about pre-registration online.  Actors can also be considered for these opportunities as well.

Technical Crew

Some students may only be interested in joining us for Tech Crew working backstage, on lights, with sound, etc.  If you have an interest in only doing tech crew, please still come to the auditions.  Actors also have the chance to mark down if they are interested in being on crew.  It is a great chance to be involved, learn, and hang out with kids as excited as you are about the theatre!  You will need to complete audition forms and participate in large group warm up activities.  You do NOT need to prepare a monologue or song if your only interest is Tech Crew.  $45 Crew Registration Fee must be paid if selected for crew.

Supporting Role (for the busy student)

Students will have the option to select “supporting role only.”  This lets us know you do not have time to commit to a leading role but are interested in performing.  We have some great supporting roles in our shows!  These roles offer fun, exciting, and challenging stuff with a more limited time commitment for busy students (still required to be fully available for tech week). 


Students also have the chance to sign up to be part of our Front-of-House team.   It takes a small army to run the theatre on the day of the show!  We train our Front-of-House team in box office management, concession sales, customer relations, and more.  We strive to make every opportunity for kids to be involved.  There is much to learn on the front-of-house team!  No fee payment required for Front-of-House team members. Time commitment for FOH is one rehearsal and then all performance days, typically two weekends of performances.


Sometimes we may have specialty items for a production.  This could include puppetry, mask work, dance, musical instruments, and more.  We will always post special opportunities along with audition announcements and paperwork.