4 Things You'll Only Understand If You're a Former "JT Kid"

Junior Theatre is truly special. If you’re an alum, you know the impact it had on you as a kid, and in making you the person you are today. Take a trip down memory lane and recall a few things that we think only “JT Kids” will understand!

1. The Horrors of Grease Paint!


For those of you that were lucky enough to avoid the grease paint days: it felt exactly how it sounds! Imagine a hot summer day touring with the Show Wagon while wearing thick makeup...

Often times we'd have to keep reapplying it because the paint would melt! Sweat filled makeup would trickle from your brow and into your eye as your proudly kept singing “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”

We now use a water-based paint that is easy to apply, doesn't run, and  easily washes off! Ah, the luxuries of clowning in the modern age...


2. Senior Salutes

Seniors B.JPG

Every graduating senior has known the feeling of going on the Junior Theatre stage as an actor for the final time… Bittersweet, but oh so thrilling! Countless memories, life-long friends, discoveries, and laughter have been brought together and experienced so much in one place.

Senior salutes are an annual final send-off to the mainstage students (actors & techies) graduating. After the last show of the season, each member is recognized and receives their very own limited edition Showtime Pal poster.

And then they’re off to new adventures!


3. Gaff Tape Essentially Fixes Everything


A theatre's best friend is gaff tape, and Junior Theatre is no exception to the rule! Whether you need to fix a torn curtain, hold a prop together, fix your backpack, reattach your arm, or really anything else, you know the go-to solution that's even stronger than duct tape.

It's such a handy tool that in his early days the artistic director at DJT was hardly ever spotted around the facility without a roll of gaff tape around his wrist!


4. Our Fondness for Showtime Pal


If there is one image that is uniquely Junior Theatre, Showtime Pal takes the cake! Some people will never understand the passion we all have for our red and white mascot.

Many high-school seniors have graduated from Junior Theatre and framed a big picture of Showtime Pal on their dorm room wall… Sound familiar?

Sure it might seem strange at first, but hey, you gotta teach your roommates to appreciate the arts!! And appreciate that amazing clown.

Big shout out to Leone Bredbeck, the original Showtime Pal, featured in this picture.


But most importantly, you understand...

No matter where you are, or how far you've come - Junior Theatre is always home.

Shaun Garrity