Alumni, parents, grandparents, staff and current students, thank you for your continued support!  We are humbled and promise to do our best to make every dollar donated stretch to serve kids.

The Mary Fluhrer Nighswander Annual Fund is aimed at carrying forward the mission of DJT, to serve kids and serve them well.  Learn more about the Annual Campaign here.

See if you know any names on the list below who believe in DJT!

Below List Represents our 2018 Annual Fund Donors
(will be updated with 2019 on 6/25/19)

Italics = alumni or current student


Jim McCoy (alum ’89) & Alfio Hernandez
Roy & Dolores Douglas


Gail J. Richard (alum)
Mary Junck & Ralph Gibson
Don Souhrada (alum ’89) & Jenny Thompson
Nicole & Ryan Gleason
Kelly Cosgrove & Joseph Peters
Cal (Alum) & Jill Werner
Jeff, Lisa (alum '82)Sarah (alum '12), and Jack (alum '15)  
Jeff & Michele White


DuTrac Community Credit Union
Souhrada Family (Penelope Souhrada)
Kristin Smith Meyer (alum '84)
Bill & Chris Gallin
Budd Batterson (alum '74)
Veronica & Brett Batterson (alum '76)
Rhonda Golden
Dan & Margie Mintz (alum ‘02)
Bonnie & Gary Sloat (alum)
Marge Stratton
Brandel Family (current students)
Kim Douglas
Ryan (alum), Ken, KJ and Ben Ohr
Pat & Ed Jacques
Vicki Graves
Livvia Shanklin Goff (alum ‘80) & Brian Goff (alum ‘78)


Davenport Printing Company
McKinley/Manning Foundation
Daniel (alum ’01) & Jessica Sheridan
Cory Johnson
Dave & Tami Byram Mahl (alum '82) Family
Carrie Paper (Clausen, alum '02)
Alicia Fahrenkrog
Amy (alum) & Don Jones
Leveridge Family
Randall & Julie Zude


Tina "The Captain" Luse (alum '00)
Jens & Jamie Baker
Gary and Mary Poorman (alum '64)
Sally Sissel
Shanklin Family (David, alum ’77)
Carolyn & Denny Hitchcock
Mike & Megan (Fennelly) Rieck (alum ‘03)
Tanner & Kemper Rieck (current & future students)

Caine & Nicole Schneider
Vijay Bhat & Sara Quartell Bhat (alum)
BHMM Architects LLP
Adam Dada (alum '15)
Joan Wysoske (alum)
Archie & Twilla Harris
Gary & Linda Rowe
Shirley Berger (board member 60's & 70')
Jack & Bridget Consamus
In Uncle Mel’s Memory (Cheryl Six)
Ron & Amy Riggins
Jack Stremlow (student 2024)
Kieliszek Family
B.A. Rosenbaum Family (former board member)
Bill & Carol Fennelly
Jeff & Julie Hogenson (alum)
Becky Gulling Family
Robert & Lisa Pollizi
Emerle Family
Larry & Jill Tappendorf
Hale Family
Justine Barati (and Family)
Michael & Hedy Hustedde
The Hartley Family
The Bondes
Eleanor, Micah, Harrison and Brendan Kiel
The Schelly Family
Keith A. Haan
Amy Larson and Isabel Devasthali (student 2029)
Anne Losasso
Tracy Peterson
Anonymous x2


Gary L. Snyder
Matthew Hayes (alum '15)
John & Linda Dowd
Patricia Riedesel (in memory of Janet Smith)
Rick & Sue Rector
Playcrafters Barn Theatre
Fred & Shirley Berger (in memory of Elaine Schneff)
Linda Wells (alum '01)
Brian, Regan, Lucy & Rory Wellner
VanDam Family
Amelia Buzzell (alum '06)
Dave Ochs
In honor of Owen
Greg & Donna Wuestenberg
Ginny & Dave Samuelson
Jennifer & Michael Collins, and Ava, Becky, & Colton (alums)
J.A. Soliz
Hoffman Family
Julie (alum) & Jeff Hogenson
John & Julie Gill
Jennifer & Ben Ferrell
The Harris Family (alum ‘18)
Peter A. Peterson
Charles R. Schaechter
Jeff Gustafson (in memory of Marilyn Schulz)
Jay Thompson (in memory of Marilyn Schulz)
Ananymous x3

SHOWTIME PALS : $49 & under

Robin McFall Gehrt (in memory of Marilyn Schulz)
Kurt & Susan Schulz (in memory of Marilyn Schulz)
Amanda Jean Grissom (alum '15)
In memory of Cristy Dye
Trey Gordon (Student 2025)
Alexandra Olsen (alum '13)
Norm & Linda Bower
Brooke (Schelley, alum '11) & Chris Galvan
Lora Adams & Michael Kopriva
Pablo Haake (alum ’15)
Joyce & Joel Haack
Karla Buckrop (alum '77)
The Mitchell Family
Deborah Rogal (alum '01)
Jan & Steve Grimm
John & Lola Spratt
Ty Lane (alum '16) 
Nelson Family
The Cox Family
Anna Riggins (student 2019)
Susan Stoefen
Victoria Navarro
In memory of Ward Shawver
Mickey Sloat (alum ,17)
Charles Schaechter
Ms. Rosemarie Bohn (in memory of Marilyn Schulz)
Brian and Darlene Toft
Marc & Jane Slivken (in memory of Elaine Schneff)
Mary Beth & Russ Dirks (in memory of Elaine Schneff)
Bob & Suzie Zeller
Adamson Family
Carkner Family
Dale Haake & Family
Nancy Riedesel (in memory of Janet Smith)
Bonnie F. Guenther (in memory of Janet Smith)
Carol Coe (in memory of Janet Smith)


Italics = alumni or current student