Meet Roger Pavey Jr. the student behind the DJT designs!

Meet Roger Pavey Jr. !


Roger is proud to be our designer for all mainstage posters and media at DJT! We asked him a series of questions ranging from silly to serious in order to get to know him, his time at DJT, and his work a little better. The informal interview follows:

When did you start at DJT?

I started at JT when I was 7, taking an acting class with Ms. Megan.

What was the first season you designed for?

I started doing design for JT mid-season for Season 64. My first poster was for "The Velveteen Rabbit".

What is your favorite part of designing?

My favorite part of designing is the creativity and challenges that come with it. With every project I design for, I learn something new and grow stronger in the craft.

Favorite show you have designed for?

I have a lot of favorite posters, but my poster for "Aesop's Falables" is one of my favorite designs. While it wasn't for the Mainstage company, I also really enjoyed working on the Theatre Renovation Campaign graphic design.

What has been your biggest take away from designing at DJT?

Through designing at JT, I have gained a greater work ethic and better problem-solving skills. Because my design skills were practically self-taught, I have had to make things work in creative ways. Graphic designing for shows also comes with curve balls, so I have to adapt to the director's ideas. Because of this, my creativity (and tech savvy-ness, of course) has improved greatly.

What is the biggest challenge when designing for a season?

Because I am self-taught, I am still learning the ropes -- it is often challenging when I have to take extra steps to make things look the way I want to. But, again, it makes me learn so much more and gain a new skill every time I hop onto the computer to design (although cliche, there is a lot of truth in "practice makes perfect").

How did you get into design?

I have always been intrigued by technology and art, so blending those two came naturally. One day, we installed a low-grade design program on to our computer, which of course I messed around with (and was not in the slightest bit good at using). I watched my brother design using this program. He designed for JT before I did, so when he left for a pre-college program in New Mexico, I took over mid-season. My first few posters were difficult to design, but I have greatly grown since then, designing for numerous other projects at JT, I am the head designer for my school newspaper, I am the marketing officer for my school drama club, and I am in the process of starting my own mini design business. It was hard at first, and I still face challenges, but I have JT to thank for giving me the opportunity to begin with.

Who are your heroes?

I would have to say that my heroes are the people around me supporting me in my design endeavors and beyond.

Take a look at Roger’s work!

Thank you for all the hard work, Roger!

McLean Casey