DJT Heads North!!
August 2 & 3

Minneapolis 2014 at the Guthrie Theatre

Minneapolis 2014 at the Guthrie Theatre

My oh my, this trip is going to be another great DJT adventure!  The great city of Minneapolis awaits!

Led by DJT staff and our very own Artistic Director, Daniel Sheridan, this trip is loaded with amazing theatre companies, behind-the-scenes tours, conversations with professional artists, great food, beautiful city walks, and one giant awesome charter bus all to ourselves!! 

DJT’s founder, Mary Fluhrer-Nighswander, believed all DJT students should travel to see great American theatre.  For decades, Mary specifically took students to the Guthrie Theatre.  She knew that by kids seeing great theatre and amazing places, they would be inspired by what theatre can do and who they can become.  That too is our goal today.

So what all will we be doing?!?  Here are some details for our adventure!


Places to Visit

Guthrie Theatre : Minneapolis, MN
SHOW = Guys & Dolls

Students will get a special behind-the-scenes tour of the Guthrie Theatre, specialized for our group!  The Guthrie theatre is a 9 story facility on the Mississippi riverfront in downtown Minneapolis.  It holds 3 theatre (thrust, proscenium, & black box), rehearsal studios, state of the art design studios (sound, props, costumes, lights, etc.), educational studios, 2 restaurants, a coffeeshop, amazing views of Minneapolis, and more!  The Guthrie Theatre itself is considered an architectural masterpiece and is a prominent image of the cityscape.


Students will see a production of “Guys and Dolls.”  This American classic will be on the Wurtle Thrust stage.  Experiencing professional acting & design at this high level will be remembered for a lifetime.


Our Artistic Director, Daniel Sheridan, worked with the Guthrie Theatre in the Summer of 2007.  He still has strong relationships with many professionals, which will allow us to personally meet and talk to some of America’s leading theatrical professional directors, actors, designers, managers, and more.  And guess what?!?!  Some of the Guthrie staff today first experienced theatre at DJT.  How cool!

Visit their website to learn more at –  

Beautiful Downtown

Minneapolis is a great town!  It is the big city environment, with a Midwest sensibility. 

As an arts community, there are more theatre and arts organization per number of citizen than anywhere else in the world.  The Guthrie Theatre itself is in the old millhouse district, which is full of history.

We’ll get the chance to walk across the pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi, visit the sculpture gardens, checkout open air markets, and much, much more. We will even get to explore downtown Minneapolis itself!

Mystery Event


We are still trying to book our second theatrical experience. During the time of our visit the famed Minnesota Fringe Festival will be going on. This festival is one of America’s largest theatre fests, where theatres open their doors to new works brought in from all around the world.

We are still waiting to see what options we will have available for us on Friday night.

We can promise what we do find will be well worth it!!



Travel by Charter Bus

We will journey in a professionally hired charter bus from CIT Charter Inc.  Be ready to leave bright and early by 4:30am!  To get to our destinations on time and make the most of the trip we have to hit the road early!

Our bus will have wi-fi and restrooms on board.  So we should be riding in style.  Checkout these pics of our chariot.



Crowne Plaza Hotel

Our group will be staying at the Crown Plaza : Minneapolis Downtown Northstar.  This high quality hotel will give us access to the heart of Minneapolis. 

As a group, we will explore the Hennepin Shopping District.  This indoor / outdoor shopping mall is connected by bridges and walkways over many streets right in downtown! 

Students will be assigned to rooms with two queen size beds.  Students will sleep 4 per room.  Students will be grouped by gender and like ages.  Boys and girls will not be in the same room. 

Our hotel rooms will be blocked together in a group, with chaperone rooms on each end.  This ensures even greater security.

As added assurance, Junior Theatre Inc carries extended insurance to cover this trip.  All chaperones will be DJT Staff and Board Members, known well by our students. All adults will have full background checks prior to the trip.

We will have 37 students and 10 chaperones on the trip for a total of 47 members.


Event Schedule (Subject to Change)

Friday, August 2nd

4:30am - Check In @ DJT

11:00am - Arrive Minneapolis

11:00-1:00pm - Downtown Explore / Lunch

1:00-3:00pm - City Walk / Sculpture Gardens

3:30pm - Hotel Check In

5:00pm - Depart Hotel for Dinner

5:30-7:00pm - Dinner

7:30pm??? - Performance / Event / Fringe Festival

10:15pm - Return to Hotel

11:00pm - Lights Out

Saturday, August 3rd

8:00am - Pack Up from Hotel

8:15am - Depart Hotel

8:30am - Arrive at Guthrie and Mill City Farmers Market, breakfast at market

9:30-10:30am - Official backstage Guthrie Tour

10:30-12:30pm - Lunch, River Bank Pizza and Stone Archway Bridge / Park

12:30-1:00pm - Return to Guthrie, Seating

1:00-3:30pm - Guys and Dolls

4:00-6:00pm - Dinner

6:00pm - Depart for Davenport

12:30am - Arrive home


The Details

Food & Purchases

No food will be provided on the trip, except in the following ways. 

Lunch will be provided on Saturday afternoon as part of the trip.

Four Meals not included: Lunch Saturday, Dinner Saturday, Breakfast Sunday (Farmers Market), Dinner Sunday

Students are encouraged to pack their own snacks and expected to purchase meals.  We will be going to affordable places to eat as a group. 

Should someone lose their money or debit/credit card, no problem. We will gladly cover any costs associated with your child’s experience in the event of an emergency.

No monies will be provided for purchases, keepsakes and gifts.  Students will have to bring their own money for additional purchases.

Recommended minimum spending allowance for food and others is $75.00. 

Trip Cost

The Junior Board of Davenport Junior Theatre consists of students in the 6th grade and up who have successfully completed a Mainstage Show.  These students fund raise all year long at our events and performances.

The Junior Board will be contributing $2,500 to offset the cost of the trip!  This greatly lowers the cost per student! 

Registration cost per participant = $145.00 per enrollment

Registration Guidelines

Deadline to register is Monday, July 1. 

Trip is for Junior High and High School students ONLY.  6th grade and up (grade in 2018-19 school year, not next year)

All students who register for this trip must have participated in a Mainstage production

There are only 37 spots available for students!  It is first come, first serve on registration.  So don’t wait!  DJT trips are extremely popular.

A few days prior to the trip, DJT will send you a packet with even more info!  This packet will also include participation forms that will need to be completed.

$145.00 per enrollment

*Reminder that food and spending money is not included in cost of registration.

Thanks all !  We are looking forward to the adventure!

Be sure to checkout DJT's Mainstage Camp!  We have an awesome lineup of amazing instructors this summer. 

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