Seth Chappell, Puppetry Instructor, Designer, Front Desk Clerk

DJT Staff-16.jpg

Seth is a Quad City native who has had a love for theatre, and the arts, since he was a very small child. At the age of 10, Seth created and performed a puppet for the 1st time and was hooked.

In high school Seth was involved in the stage crew, keeping his creative side rollin by building and painting sets.  In college he made the shift from backstage to center stage by taking on many lead roles in various productions.

In 2008, his love of the performing arts led him to start his own puppetry company, FoamFoolery, where he not only gets to perform but also create puppets of his own design. 

Seth began his involvement with Davenport Junior Theatre in spring of 2016 as the puppet creator for DJT's production of "The Magical Lamp of Aladdin." Having never created a puppet for stage use, he jumped at the chance! Not only did Seth create "Alakazam" the monkey, but he wrote a "monkey script" and worked daily with the student puppeteer to make “Alakazam”  come to life as a member of the ensemble.

Since then he has created the 14’ tall walking puppet “Anubraham Lincoln” for Season 65’s “Arthur & Merlin”, as well as being a puppet creation instructor for camps and is now the instructor for Puppetry Performance.