Winter 2019 - View Schedule By Day

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Theatre Session Details

  • Class Schedule: January 12th-April 7th

  • Showcase Day: Saturday April 6th or Sunday April 7th. Specific performance times set by week #3 of class

Dance Session Details

  • Class Schedule: January 12th-May 11th

  • Recital Day: Friday May 10th or Saturday May 11th. Specific performance times set by week #4 of class

  • Costume Fee: Each student enrollment will have a $45 costume fee due by February 2nd. Not included in registration fee.

*DJT is a proud program of Davenport Parks & Recreation. Our programs and facility are supported by Davenport taxpayers. Therefore, all Davenport residents receive 20% off registration fee (capped at $20).

Saturday Classes
Start Date: January 12th

Monday Classes
Start Date: January 14th

Tuesday Classes
Start Date: January 15th

Wednesday Classes
Start Date: January 16th

Thursday Classes
Start Date: January 17th