Daytime Ballet


The classical technique that is the basis of most dance styles. Ballet teaches poise, discipline, and coordination. Dancers will love moving and learning to classical and contemporary music. Our Daytime Ballet classes are offered during the morning hours for the convenience of Home school and Stay at home families. 

  • Classes meet once a week at scheduled time

  • Classes sign-in and out in our Dance Lobby located in the lower level of theatre.

  • Students missing 2 or more absences may not perform in recital.

*DJT is a proud program of Davenport Parks & Recreation. Our programs and facility are supported by Davenport taxpayers. Therefore, all Davenport residents receive 20% off registration fee (capped at $20).

Early Bird Discount

Receive $10 off if you register by December 14th, 2018.  Discount auto-applies upon checkout.


  • Session Schedule: January 12th - May 11th, 2019

  • No classes

    • Spring Break: March 9th - 16th

    • No Saturday Classes: April 6th

  • Recital: Classes conclude with a costumed recital.

    • May 10th OR May 11th - Times TBA

  • Costume Fee: $45 per enrollment

  • Tickets: There is no fee for recital tickets. All students receive 5 tickets with a chance to request more tickets. Seating is limited.

Budding Ballerinas: Ages 3-4

Our tiniest dancers learn ballet fundamentals and dance class etiquette. Dancers will work on coordination, ballet positions, and movements across the floor. Focus is on developing core basics and the enjoyment of dance.

*Students must be potty trained.

Start date: January 17th

Price: Davenport Resident*: $148  |  Non Resident*: $168

Beginning Ballet: Ages 5-6

Dancers learn ballet fundamentals and concepts such as turnout and special awareness. Class will include floor stretching, ballet positions and movements across the floor. Dancers work on developing musicality and ballet vocabulary.

Start date: January 17th

Price: Davenport Resident*: $148  |  Non Resident*: $168

Ballet I - Age 7+

This class introduces the formal study of ballet technique. Dancers will be introduced to the discipline of dance while having fun learning combinations to music. Class will begin with stretching in the center or at the barre. Dancers will begin to strengthen muscles in the legs and feet needed to safely execute steps, through exercises. Dancers work on jumps, turns, proper turnout and posture, and combinations across the floor.

Start date: January 17th

Price: Davenport Resident*: $158  | Non Resident*: $178

Ballet II - Teacher Recommended Only

Students continue the formal training in ballet technique through more detailed combinations at the barre and across the floor. Dancers will continue learning new vocabulary and work on proper body alignment. Class will begin with stretching then extended barre work to further improve proper execution of technique, counting, and musicality. Across the floor, dancers will work on pirouette and pique turns, spotting, detailed moving combinations, and more.

*Dancers must complete at least 1 year in Ballet I and be recommended by an instructor
*Students are encouraged to enroll in the Fall AND Winter sessions

Start date: January 17th

Price: Davenport Resident*: $158  | Non Resident*: $178

Ballet III/IV - Teacher Recommended Only

Dancers continue training learned in previous levels with added difficulty. New skills and faster/slower tempos add positive challenges in class. Dancers continue proper stretching to further improve flexibility and body alignment, and longer barre work. Harder skills such as double and triple pirouettes, jumping combinations to improve stamina, and more will be introduced and practiced regularly.

*Must have completed at least 1 year in Ballet II and be recommended by an instructor
*Students are encouraged to enroll in the Fall AND Winter sessions

Start date: January 17th

Price: Davenport Resident*: $168  | Non Resident*: $188