Upper Level Ballet


This classical dance form is the foundation for most dance approaches.  The class provides proper training in ballet technique, alignment, terminology, and incorporates the discipline that is an integral part of dance.

  • Classes meet once a week at scheduled time

  • Classes sign-in and out in our Dance Lobby located in the lower level of theatre.

*DJT is a proud program of Davenport Parks & Recreation. As taxpayers who offset the cost of our department, Davenport citizens receive a 20% discount per directive of City Council.

Early Bird Discount

Receive $10 off if you register by May 17, 2019.  Discount auto-applies upon checkout.


  • Class Schedule: June 3rd - August 1st 8-Week Session (No class week of July 4)

  • Showcase Day: Classes conclude with an in class showcase during the last class.

  • No costume fees!

Ballet I

This class introduces the formal study of ballet technique. Dancers will be introduced to the discipline of dance while having fun learning combinations to music. Class will begin with stretching in the center or at the barre. Dancers will begin to strengthen muscles in the legs and feet needed to safely execute steps, through exercises. Dancers work on jumps, turns, proper turnout and posture, and combinations across the floor.

*Students must complete at least 1 year in Beginning Ballet and be recommended by an instructor

Class starts June 3rd

Price: Davenport Resident*: $68  |  Non Resident*: $85



Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Dancers continue the formal training in ballet technique through more detailed combinations at the barre and across the floor. Dancers will continue learning new vocabulary and work on proper body alignment. Class will begin with stretching then extended barre work to further improve proper execution of technique, counting, and musicality. Across the floor, dancers will work on pirouette and pique turns, spotting, detailed moving combinations, and more. All dancers will be challenged to their individual skill level. 

*Must have completed at least 1 year in Ballet I and be recommended by an instructor

Class starts June 3rd

Price: Davenport Resident*: $76  |  Non Resident*: $95