Vocal Performance


Are you ready to dive deep on making your voice spectacular? Mastery of your voice involves more than just singing! Participants will work on breathing exercises, working as part of an ensemble, matching pitch and tone, and learning the basics to read music.

  • Classes meet once a week at scheduled time

  • Classes sign-in and out in our lobby in Cottage 15

  • Students missing more than 2 classes may not perform in showcase


  • Class Schedule: September 7th- November 24th

  • Showcase Day: Saturday November 23rd or Sunday November 24th. Specific performance times set by week #3 of class.

  • Price: Davenport Resident*: $140  |  Non Resident*: $160

*DJT is a proud program of Davenport Parks & Recreation. Our programs and facility are supported by Davenport taxpayers. Therefore, all Davenport residents receive 20% off registration fee (capped at $20).