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We have not yet selected the shows for our 64th Season.

Our next auditions will be held in August. Those auditions will be for the first show of our season, which will perform in October. Audition dates will be released in July.

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Audition Preparation
* Students must be 9 years or older at the time of the auditions.
* Open to residents of any city, not just Davenport.
* Students may select to audition for one or both shows.
* Students should be ready to provide a conflict schedule for the whole rehearsal period of the show(s) for which they audition (see schedule below).
* Students must prepare a short monologue, no longer than 60 seconds. Must be memorized, so director can work with students. Monologues longer than 60 seconds will be asked to stop, as we have many actors to see. Please also bring in a written copy of your monologue to turn in.
* Students should NOT write original monologues. Please find another piece of literature (play, novel, monologue, book, nursery rhyme, poem, etc.) from which to perform.
* Remember, you are auditioning for a fantastical and adventurous show geared towards young audiences. Avoid bringing in a super dramatic, depressing monologue. Fit your monologue to the show at hand.
* Students should wear comfortable clothes for theatrical warm-ups & games at audition. No skirts, please. Come ready to have fun!
* The Cast, Crew, and Ensemble will be announced on Friday, December 19 at 5:00pm on the DJT website in the Mainstage section. Guidance will be given on the website to those who are and who may not have been cast.
* Please note: All students cast in the production will need to pay a $75.00 Mainstage Registration Fee. There is no charge to audition.
* Be ready to have fun!

Musical Auditions Requirements
Actors auditioning for musical must also prepare a song in addition to their monologue. If you are at an audition for two shows but only interested in the play, you need not prepare a musical.

* Please prepare one verse and one chorus from a musical theatre show (not to exceed 60 seconds, shorter is definitely fine).
* The song should fit your voice comfortably.
* Please avoid pop songs, prefer musical theatre.
* Bring sheet music for the accompanist. Sheet music for most songs is available at www.musicnotes.com.

Technical Crew
Some students may only be interested in joining us for Tech Crew working backstage, on lights, with sound, etc. Actors also have the chance to mark down if they are also interested in being on crew. It is a great chance to be involved, learn, and hang out with kids as excited as you are about the theatre! If you have an interest in only doing tech crew, please still come to the auditions. You will need to complete audition forms and participate in large group warm up and activities. You do NOT need to prepare a monologue if your only interest is Tech Crew. $40 Mainstage Registration Fee if selected for crew.

Supporting Role!
New on our audition forms will be the option to select “supporting role only.” This means you do not have time to commit for a leading role. We have some great supporting roles in both shows! These roles offer fun, exciting, and challenging stuff with a more limited time commitment for busy students (still required to be fully available for tech week).

* Please bring a detailed copy of your schedule to auditions.
* Every effort will be made to accommodate for students' schedules and conflicts.
* At auditions, please be prepared to inform the staff of all scheduled conflicts you will have during the rehearsal period. It is helpful to make this list in advance before arriving at audition.
* If only auditioning for one show, we only need schedule for that timeline.

Ensemble Acting Company
Mainstage auditions are also used to cast our Ensemble Acting Company. We have so many talented students but never enough parts! Tis the world of theatre. But this is yet another opportunity. Ensemble actors will have the chance to perform at our class showcases and other events around the Quad Cities. This is an opportunity to continue to be challenged as a performer and have the experience of performing a show multiple times in various locations. There is a $75 fee if selected for Ensemble.
Rehearsals: Typically, we rehearse over a period of 6–7 weeks.
Performances: Performs during class showcase week at Junior Theatre. Additional performance opportunities likely.

Take a look at our past Mainstage productions!

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